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Advanced Surgical & Interventional Options

Surgical removal of hepatobiliary cancers offers the best chance of cure. The multidisciplinary team at St. Peter's understands the importance of surgery and has been trained in the most advanced techniques. After reviewing results from your imaging study, your physician will decide if you are a candidate for surgery.

Open Surgery

Depending on the operation to be performed, an incision will be made down the middle of your abdomen, or under the right or left ribcage. Prior to open surgery, some patients may undergo diagnostic laparoscopy, the placement of a small camera through tiny incisions. This is done to make sure there is no spread of the cancer prior to surgery.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive technique, using special instruments and technology. This technique is performed by making small incisions and results in a quicker recovery time and shorter hospital stay. 

Liver Tumor Ablation

Liver Tumor Ablation is a technology that uses heat to destroy tumors.  This procedure is performed through the skin, laparoscopically or during open surgery. 

Intrahepatic Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy

This treatment involves infusing chemotherapy or radiation directly into the liver. Intrahepatic therapy will be used if the liver has inoperable tumors and there is preserved liver function.

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