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Advanced Technology

St. Peter's cardiovascular surgeonSurgeons at St. Peter's are performing cutting-edge procedures—both surgical and diagnostic—that are transforming the lives of patients every day.

St. Peter's Cardiac and Vascular Center's new cardiovascular surgery facilities are among the nation's most advanced surgical environments for patients with complex heart and vascular disease.  Among the innovative technology in the facility is a unique "true Hybrid Operating Room" - the ArtisZeego multi-access system for surgical angiography. Upon its completion, this new operating room system was reported by its manufacturer to be one of only 29 such installations worldwide.

Among area hospitals, computer-assisted "robotic" surgery was first available at St. Peter's and is used more often at St. Peter's than any other hospital in the Capital Region. It is one of several minimally-invasive, surgical procedures that help doctors perform with greater precision and for patients to heal more quickly.

In St Peter's operating rooms, surgeons view patient X-rays on large televisions monitors rather than traditional X-ray films. These "filmless" operating rooms give doctors a more accurate picture of a patient's condition and history.

Other diagnostic and surgical tools have been significantly upgraded, including four new operating suites, as well as state-of-the-art digital mammography in St. Peter's Breast Center.  

In orthopaedic surgery, certain patients can now avoid total hip replacement thanks to the Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure that was first introduced to the area here at St. Peter's.

In hepatobiliary (liver, biliary, pancreas), St. Peter's is the first hospital in the Capital District to use the Spyglass Direct Visualization System—a fiber-optic camera, about the size of a pencil point, that is inserted into the upper digestive tract and threaded through the stomach and into the bile ducts. This life-saving tool allows doctors to quickly and precisely locate and examine tissue—without having to perform laparoscopic surgery.

In radiation therapy for cancer, Shaped Beam Radiation Therapy offers pinpoint precision in destroying tumors and cancerous cells. In Shaped Beam Radiation Therapy, high doses of radiation are applied with great precision, sparing more healthy tissue than with conventional external-beam therapy.

In Ob/Gyn surgery, robotic-assisted surgery allows for smaller incisions and greater precision. St. Peter's surgeons were the first in Northeastern New York to incorporate the use the state-of-the-art da Vinci® surgical system. The da Vinci "robot" is also used in complex surgeries such as a hysterectomy, or to remove cancerous tissue.

In urologic surgery, St. Peter's is also the only facility in the Northeastern United States offering the Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP), a minimally invasive laser system that can shrink an enlarged prostate.

Other laser procedures at St. Peter's include the Nd:Yag Laser, which shinks esophageal, bronchial and bladder tumors and urethral polyps; the Diode Laser, which is used by ophthamologic.

Opthalmologic/Ophthamologic is the area in which surgeons treat retinopathy of infants; and the CO2 Laser, which can remove or vaporize certain types of skin lesions, as well as shrink or remove certain types of throat cancers and lesions. It is also used by gynecology, urology and ENT surgeons.

St. Peter's offers many more advanced surgical procedures, including:


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