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Current news for St. Peter's Hospital can now be found on the St. Peter's Health Partner's News site.

Below is an archive of St. Peter's Hospital news. You can also View Archived Press Releases.

Santa's Special Delivery at St. Peter's Hospital

On Christmas morning, Santa visited St. Peter's Hospital to present newborns from their nursery bassinets to their mothers. The infants were dressed in special holiday attire that was purchased and donated by staff of the St. Peter’s Women’s and Children’s Services. Santa also made sure to get his flu vaccination before leaving the North Pole and making his rounds, thus providing extra protection to the newborns and their mothers and complying with state regulations requiring vaccination of health care personnel. (watch video)

Questions Concerning Circumcision with Dr. Diane Tenenbaum

Dr. Diane Tenenbaum, Pediatrician at St. Peter's Hospital, answers questions concerning circumcision and the latest position of the American Academy of Pediatrics. (more)

SEFCU Donates $500,000 for Cardiac Screening

SEFCU presents a check for half a million dollars to St. Peter's Hospital to help fund the Cardiac Health & Wellness Program. This money will help provide cardiac screenings to about 10,000 people over the next five years. (more)

National Healthcare Upheld

News coverage of the Supreme Court's decision to uphold National Healthcare. (more)

Dr. Diane Tenenbaum Discusses Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Dr. Diane Tenenbaum, pediatrician at St. Peter's Hospital, discusses the Jerry Sandusky scandal and keeping children safe. (more)

Helping Your Child Manage Back-to-School Stress

Dr. Diane Tenenbaum, a pediatrician at St. Peter's Hospital, discusses how to help kids deal with back-to-school stress. (more)

Hospital's open doors applauded

St. Peter's Hospital in Albany earned top marks for its patient visitation policies in "Sick, Scared, and Separated from Loved Ones," a report released Wednesday by New Yorkers for Patient and Family Empowerment and the New York Public Interest. (more)\

Half the distance, just as satisfying More Americans embracing 13.1-mile races as alternative to running full marathons 

The loneliness of the long-distance runner does not apply to Kelly Mattison of Esperance. (more)

Q&A with leaders of St. Peter's Health Partners

Merging four hospitals, 11,740 employees and three cultures isn’t easy, or fast. A Q&A with leaders of St. Peter’s Health Partners. (more)

Steven Boyle, CEO of St. Peter's Health Partners, Announces Retirement

Help for stabbing victim

As a 15-year-old fighting for his life was gingerly taken aboard a jet plane for treatment in Atlanta, the teen accused of stabbing him appeared in Albany County Court. (more)

 (Click here to watch video.)

Moody’s Raises St. Peter’s Hospital’s Bond Rating to an A3

Moody's upgrades to A3 from Baa2 the ratings assigned to St. Peter's Hospital's (now known as St. Peter's Health Partners, NY) outstanding bonds. (more)


St. Peter's Health Partners said Thursday that Dr. Ann Errichetti, a cardiologist, will be the next CEO of St. Peter's Hospital and vice president of acute care/Albany for St. Peter's Health Partners. (more)


Boy stabbed over bike in May on way to Atlanta

Police say Adeujuan Adams was stabbed in the neck on May 25 while riding his bicycle in Albany. Police arrested Juan Anderson that night; he was arraigned this morning in county court. Police say Anderson stabbed, punched and kicked the victim, while trying to steal his bicycle. Adams' spinal cord was mostly severed because of that.

Thanks to a community effort, he is on his way to Georgia to be treated. (more)

Bereavement Training at St. Peter's

Managing grief after the death of a baby

St. Peter's labor and delivery nurse Priscilla Frisbee, left, of and bereavement specialist Jill Wilke with examples of memory boxes during a bereavement training session for nurses and health professional who work with parents who have just lost a baby at St. Peter's Mercy Auditorium in Albany Wednesday June 6, 2012. (Read article.)

Dr. Carl Atkins discusses cancer prevention and treatment

Dr. Carl Atkins, chief of the Division of Oncology and Hematology at St. Peter’s Hospital, discusses cancer prevention and treatment. (Listen to radio interview with WAMC's Alan Chartock.)

When to leave children home alone

Diane Tenenbaum, a pediatrician with St. Peter's Children's Health Center in Albany, offers the following advice about best practices. Q: What's an appropriate age to leave kids home alone? (Read article.) 

St. Peter's Dedicates New All-Weather Pedestrian Bridge from Parking Garage to Hospital

Patients, visitors and staff will enjoy quick, all-weather access from the parking garage to St. Peter's Hospital, thanks to a connector bridge made possible through a grant from Trustco Bank and the McCormick Family.

(Click here to watch video.)

NY Now: Mammograms and Dense Breast Tissue with Dr. Andrew Warheit

Dr. Andrew Warheit is the Medical Director of  Breast Center at St. Peter's Hospital in Albany discusses how difficult it is to find tumors in women with dense breast tissue.

(Click here to watch video.)

Diagnosing A Cold From An Allergy

Dr. Diane Tennenbaum, a pediatrician at St. Peter's Hospital, discusses how to diagnose a cold from an allergy.

(Click here to watch video.)

St. Peter's Journey Through The Body

St. Peter's Health Partners Journey Through The Body event took place on April 27 & 28 at Colonie Center. This annual event is free, fun and a great way for the whole family to learn about health and the human body.

(Click here to watch video.)

Asprin Therapy for Cancer with Dr. Carl Atkins

A new study suggests that taking a daily asprin can bring protection against a number of cancers and help stop cancer from spreading. Dr. Carl Atkins suggests that you take it slow and talk to your personal physician before starting asprin therapy.

(Click here to watch video.)

A Father's Legacy

Andrew Ragan sits in his chair in the kitchen and studies the monitor in front of him. His eyes dart rapidly across the screen as a small camera traces their movements, transcribing his gaze and blinks into words.(Read entire article at the Times Union.)

There's no map to the land of Nod

The most common times that parents worry about sleep and their children is during the infant and toddler years, says Diane Tenenbaum, a pediatrician St. Peter's Hospital, who agreed to answer some of our blog readers' questions. (Read entire article at the Times Union.)

Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery

For patients who have had failed rotator cuff surgery, a reverse shoulder joint replacement may be an option. Dr. Goldstock explains this new procedure available at St. Peter's Hospital. For more information click here.

Late Flu Season

Dr. Diane Tenebaum, a pediatrician at St. Peter's Hospital, talks about the late arrival of flu this year as well as vacinations and symptoms.

(Click here to watch video.)

10 Minutes With: Dr. Niloo Edwards

Dr. Niloo Edwards began his cardiology career in Albany in 1996. In July 2011, he returned to the area as chief of cardiac and vascular services at St. Peter's Hospital. (Read entire story in the Business Review.)

Whooping Cough Risks

Dr. Diane Tenenbaum, a pediatrician at St. Peter's Hospital, talks about risks, symptoms and prevention of whooping cough.

(Click here to watch video.)

Train Your Brain to Become Addicted to Health!

Dr. Mark Pettus explains how people can potentially transform the brain to help them become addicted to health, rather than succumb to disease. (Listen to this interview on

Time to take a stand

You might think all that time spent sitting at your desk is helping you to get ahead in your career. But, increasingly, it is becoming clear that the best thing you can do is to stand up and take a break. (Read entire article at

The Risks of Sitting

Dr. Mark Pettus, Chief of Medicine at St. Peter's Hospital, discusses health risks related to sitting more and moving less with WNYT's Elaine Houston.

(Click here to watch video.)

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