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Kidney or Renal Cancer

Dr. Perrotti in surgery

Numerous scientific studies support the use of partial nephrectomy for the management of kidney cancer whenever possible. Surgeons at St. Peter's have performed more than 100 partial nephrectomy surgeries for kidney cancer in just the past few years, removing the cancerous growth while preserving the rest of the healthy kidney. Our surgeons' partial nephrectomy management pathway has been published in medical journals. 


Our work has also been presented at national scientific meetings including our treatment approach for patients Kidney tumor scanwith newly detected renal masses. Our surgeons perform all aspects of kidney surgery including complete nephrectomy, partial nephrectomy, laparoscopic and da Vinci® renal surgery, cryosurgical ablation of renal tumors, and radio-frequency ablation of renal tumors.


Advanced Surgical Options

Partial Nephrectomy

Open Nephrectomy: Open nephrectomy is the conventional surgical procedure for removing all or part of a kidney. Patients are typically hospitalized for about 3-4 days with a recovery time of approximately 4 weeks.

Robot-assisted radical or partial nephrectomy:  Some kidney surgeries can be performed using the da Vinci® Surgical System. This robotic surgery is so precise that instruments recheck their positions by computer 1,500 times per second. Seated at a console near the patient, the surgeon uses a high-powered camera with a headrest to view a color, magnified, 3-D image of the surgical field, magnified 10 times. From this console, the surgeon manipulates the instruments by flexing his/her thumb, forefinger or wrist in a joystick-like control.

Because there is little bleeding, the surgeon has a clear view inside the patient. 

Typical benefits of robotic surgery:

  • faster healing;
  • smaller incisions with less scarring;
  • much less pain after the procedure;
  • faster recovery;
  • less blood loss and need for transfusions; and,
  • a shorter hospital stay.

Laparoscopic radical or patrial nephrectomy: This minimally invasive procedure allows a surgeon to operate upon the kidney using hand-held instruments inserted through several small abdominal incisions. Surgeons at St. Peter's have performed hundreds of laparoscopic procedures, which minimize recovery times, are associated with short hospital stays, and are often less painful.

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