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PGY1 Pharmacy Residents

Current Residents

Name: Jessa Brenon, PharmD
Pharmacy School: Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Practice area interests: Pain management, critical care, cardiology, and infectious disease

Residency Project: Improving the completeness of drug allergy documentation through pharmacist intervention

Reason for coming to St. Peter’s Hospital:
I chose the St. Peter’s Hospital PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency because of the wide range of opportunities they have available in all of my practice area interests, including a teaching certificate through the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. The pharmacy team at St. Peter’s hospital also has an outstanding reputation for creating a very conducive learning environment for students and residents. St. Peter’s Hospital, known for providing high quality of care in the capital region, is a great place for a new practitioner to begin their professional career.

Name: Huy Van Nguyen, PharmD
Pharmacy School: University of Southern California

Practice area interests: Emergency Medicine, Cardiovascular, Critical Care and Precepting

Residency Project: Implementation of a Standardized Intravenous Immune Globulin Dosing Protocol Using Ideal Body Weight

Reason for coming to St. Peter’s Hospital:
I decided to do a residency at St. Peter’s Hospital because the core learning experiences they offer. I was very impressed that they required emergency medicine as one of the core rotations. St. Peters also provides a wide variety of other core and elective rotations to help me become a well-rounded clinician. They also have a teaching and learning program that is associated with Albany College of Pharmacy, which also will also help me achieve one of my future goals of becoming a preceptor for students.

Name: Jacob Patterson, PharmD
Pharmacy School: Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Science – Vermont Campus

Practice area interests: Oncology, Medication Safety and Process Improvement, and Infectious Disease and Antimicrobial Stewardship

Residency Project: Institutional impact of a phosphate supplementation treatment guideline during a national shortage of injectable sodium phosphate

Reason for coming to St. Peter’s Hospital:
Not dead-set on a particular discipline, I wanted to ensure that I gained exposure to residency training in various areas of practice. The St. Peter's Hospital PGY1 experience provides that variety in its core rotations, and offers electives in my areas of interest. On my interview day, I was impressed with the hospitality of the staff and the caliber of the faculty that I met, and they have not let me down since! I have found that the pharmacy department and the hospital community on the whole are quite supportive and welcoming of the pharmacy resident's role in patient care.

Name: Pritpal Singh, PharmD
Pharmacy School: Virginia Commonwealth University

Practice area interests: Oncology, Infectious Disease

Residency Project: Assessing the impact of a prescribing guideline on antibiotic selection for mild skin and soft tissue infections after incision and drainage in the emergency department

Reason for coming to St. Peter’s Hospital:
St. Peter’s Hospital serves the diverse population of the Capital Region of New York and offers a variety of clinical pharmacy learning experiences. The presence of a cancer care center and an antimicrobial stewardship service will help prepare me well for a career in one of my practice interests. Also, the teaching certificate offered through Albany College of Pharmacy will prepare me for a role as an educator as well. I am confident in the ability of this residency program in providing me the experience I need to practice as a clinical pharmacist.

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